About Us



Purest Graphene was established in 2019 with the objective of promoting high-quality Graphene produced by our parent company, US Clean Energy Inc USA.  US Clean Energy Inc produces a high-quality graphene, with high purity, consistency, and graphene content via a production process that is consistent.

Our business is based on many years of research, and our production method is highly competitive since it is scalable, cost-efficient, and sustainable.

Purest Graphene offers technology consulting services by supporting product manufacturers in delivering differentiated products to the market, using our lifecycle value enhancement offerings.

We help in creating IPs for products that carry our value-added insights as to their differentiators in the market. Our range of consultancy services adds value to the engineering knowledge base for the resources teams.


“Adding value to customer’s business by providing high quality purest form of graphene”


“Be the most respected Product Engineering and Consulting Company”





Dr. Khurram Khan Nawab (CEO)

Dr. Khurram Khan Nawab (CEO)

M. Shoaib Ali (COO)

K Asifudding (Director)